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Personal Profile

Robert Barnes Photography

The Story

Robert was born in June 1960 at St Mary’s Hospital in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. ​In his early years, Robert gained his first set of qualifications in the subjects of Freelance photo Journalism and Authorship. He has since written and photographed several articles for local tabloids over those early years, such as the Shields Gazette, The Northern Echo, and the Sunderland Echo for example.​   


Why are photographs so important?

Photographs still remain as essential today, as they've ever been. They allow us to not only freeze precious moments in time, but also to preserve those memories to last for generations. Over the years, we can look back at those moments and appreciate their importance in our lives. When we are gone, we will still exist in those photographs, leaving behind a legacy of smiles and laughs for our loved ones to treasure, as well as document history. This is why Robert takes great pride in his photography, and is very important to him and for his clients.​

Today, Robert lives and works in Durham, United Kingdom, covering the geographical areas of Northeast of England, Including Durham, Murton, Sunderland, South Shields, Newcastle, Northumberland and their surrounding areas. He has over 30+ years experience as a photographer in different related genre's such as:​

  • Landscape, Seascape.

  • Weddings, family events and portraits, Commercial, headshots and product photography.

  • Image restoration. (Don't let your old or damaged pictures fade away)

  • and so much more ...


  • Full time Photographer.

  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

  • I can travel for shoots within 50 miles from Durham and have my own transport.



*Please support your local photographer:

Remember that when you hire a photographer, you're not just paying for their time, you're also paying for their expertise.  A photographer's skillset is not just measured by the time it takes them to do a job, but by the years of hard work and experience it has taken them to perfect their craft. So the next time you're looking to hire a photographer, remember the value of their hard work, knowledge and experience.  

Simply Contact Robert to ask any questions about your requirements.​


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